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AKA that other game that takes place on the moon.

Post contains spoilers for the entire game, naturally.


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Several Ace Attorney sprite icons under the cut.

Dahlia Hawthorne x 71 (including two Iris recolors)
Dahlia Hawthorne, as channelled by Pearl Fey x 68 (all Iris recolors)
Lotta Hart x 39


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A random dumping of icons with no rhyme or reason to them? Don't mind if I do. The thing is, I generally only make icons in "sets" for specific characters... but then a lot of the time, I'll get bored halfway through. So I have all these unfinished sets sitting around. Now, they have a home. This post. Right here.

In this post you'll find:
Cinderella Collection (20 icons)
Deadman Wonderland (6 icons)
Magical Pokemon Journey (13 icons)
Pokemon TCG (48 icons)
Runaways (6 icons)
Scott Pilgrim (28 icons)
Shitsurakuen (18 icons)

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Yet more icons made from images ripped from Bulbagarden. THIS TIME, they're of Gym Leaders and Elite Four members. I was bored, okay?

Cilan x 15
Cilan & Chili & Cress x 1
Chili, Cress, Elesa x 2
Lenora x 4
Burgh x 6
Clay, Skyla, Brycen, Drayden x 1
Iris x 17
Grimsley, Chauntal, Marshal, Alder x 1
Caitlin x 2

All random official art and anime screencaps. BORING, RIGHT? oh well.


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Icons made from images shamelessly ripped from Bulbapedia. In this post you will find...
Lillipup x 7
Rufflet x 4
Freegle Braviary x 2
Petilil x 3
Lilligant x 3
Anorith x 8


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